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Creating Social-Worthy Content
May 10, 2016
Instagram for B2B
Instagram for B2B
May 24, 2016

Benefits of Paid Social Media

Benefits of Paid Social

Inbound marketing, also known as content marketing, is an approach in which marketers develop and share relevant information to attract, convert and retain target audiences. This has become a widely favored tactic in many strategic marketing plans. While many businesses are already utilizing various social media platforms to distribute their content, they often don’t consider the additional opportunities available to reach a larger audience.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest offer opportunities to greatly increase your content’s visibility – for a very reasonable cost.

Most outlets offer paid social promotion tools and taking advantage of those opportunities has a variety of benefits. In addition to being cost effective, paid promotion increases brand awareness & loyalty, and increases website traffic. All of these platforms offer advanced targeting to reach a more specific audience and analytics to help review, adjust, and identify new and existing customers.


Facebook offers a variety of different advertising space. They offer to help “Boost” a post you created to reach more audiences. They also offer advertising space for Dynamic Ads. A Dynamic Ad showcases your company to a likeminded audience. 


Twitter offers promoted Tweets that show up in timelines, detail pages, and profile pages. As a marketer, you have the option to reach many more people, gain website clicks/conversions, video views, gain followers, and promote app downloads. Promoted ads on Twitter are budgeted based on how many clicks/followers you want to receive.


LinkedIn features B2B targeting to your desired audience. LinkedIn allows text and image ads, and sponsored updates. On LinkedIn you can stop your ads at anytime and pay by clicks or impressions.


Pinterest’s tool uses something called “promoted pins”. This is a great way to promote your business pins so they appear in your audience’s home feed. Just like other social media outlets, you can finely target a very specific audience. Your business has the option to pay for engagement or visits to your website.


If you didn’t already know, Facebook owns Instagram, which makes the ad creation and distribution process as easy as using Facebook! Instagram’s image-driven platform offers ad placement through your Facebook page. Simply by using Facebook’s Power Editor you can manage and create Instagram ads to showcase.

And, while it’s extremely easy (and comparatively inexpensive) to spend $25.00 here for a boosted post or $75.00 there for a promoted Pin by jumping on the social media bandwagon, it’s important to have a strategy first; to determine which social channels are right for your audience and in line with your budgeting and business goals.

We’d love to speak more with you about the abundance of features social media has to offer. Connect with us today and let us help you identify the best social media channels for your audience to help you reach your goals.