U.S. manufacturers are rapidly embracing eCommerce to support their existing sales efforts, making this the fastest growing sales channel in manufacturing right now.

eCommerce in the manufacturing sector often means providing online cart functionality within your website. Not as well known, eCommerce can also refer to configurator RFQs, otherwise known as conditional logic RFQs. Both of these eCommerce functionality options work exceptionally well independently, or together, in bringing your customers and prospects through your sales funnel to close deals.

Consider these eCommerce facts:

  • currently the fastest growing sales channel in manufacturing
  • provides 24-hour sales
  • easy to scale for your growing product line
  • creates greater brand awareness through SEO-rich product detail content
  • reaches broader audiences through improved search results 
  • builds your company's credibility within the industry, and in search engine algorithms

eCommerce functionality for your industrial business can be a straightforward process with our proven Blueprint for Success in the development of your new eCommerce website.

Collaborating with our team means your eCommerce website will have a custom look and feel unique to your brand, and you will have the ability to easily update content so you won’t have to look outside your company to update products, blogs or job openings.

Are you ready for eCommerce?

eCommerce success is in the details. Before you begin your eCommerce journey, take a look at the checklist we’ve developed to help you get started:


Our Blueprint for Success process begins with accessing your current website and through the development of a Navigation Sitemap, Page Layout Wireframes, and an Overview and Pre-Development Report. We collaborate with you to determine scope, budget, and a timeline for your website project. 

Example Website Navigation Sitemap:


Example Page Layout Wireframes:

The Overview and Pre-Development Report (OPDR)

This comprehensive research and discovery report is the foundation to our Blueprint for Success website development process. The OPDR establishes how your website is organized, functions and outlines the scope of the project, especially identifying:

Key integrations • SEO requirements • Content development needs • Budget • Timeline

Our OPDR research also includes recommendations and insights on these specific aspects:

  • Website Navigation Sitemap
    • First level
    • Secondary level (if needed) 
    • Footer Level
  • Page Layout Wireframes
    • Desktop
    • Mobile
  • Page intentions
  • Website functionality
  • User experience

Ex-Cell Kaiser White Paper


We completed a comprehensive analysis and rebranding of Ex-Cell Kaiser's including identification of their unique, core competencies. The ability to offer custom, branded solutions with a complex array of options truly sets them apart from the competition. 

Ex-Cell Kaiser's existing, inflexible eCommerce platform - Magento - required extensive and expensive maintenance in a closed, proprietary system. Making even the simplest of product updates or changes was an expensive and time consuming proposition.

The eCommerce solution in place prohibited Ex-Cell Kaiser from taking full advantage of the key differentiator: custom product solutions, which also deliver proportionately higher margins on typically larger sales.

We can provide a range of training services for WordPress and WooCommerce, including in-person, Zoom and video modules, depending on your needs and the complexity of your website. Additionally, if the site is hosted by Custom Direct, our managed services can include the WordPress 101 video tutorial series, which is accessed directly from the ADMIN side of your website. The series walks the user through many of the most frequently used tasks and skills users need to know - available 24/7/365 for continued viewing.