Managed Hosting

To ensure optimal website performance and longevity, we recommend and use WordPress themes and plugins which are widely accepted by the WordPress community and regularly updated by developers.

We provide a range of training services for WordPress and WooCommerce, including in-person, Zoom and video modules, depending on your needs and the complexity of your website. Additionally, if the site is hosted by Custom Direct, our managed services can include the WordPress 101 video tutorial series, which is accessed directly from the ADMIN side of your website. The series walks the user through many of the most frequently used tasks and skills users need to know - available 24/7/365 for continued viewing. 

 Cloud Hosting 

  • Flexibility, Scalability and Cost-Effectiveness: Resource can be scaled up or scaled down accordingly, making it more flexible and, therefore, more cost-effective. 
  • Reliability: Cloud servers are vastly more reliable than traditional servers. Due to the number of available servers, if there are problems with some, the resource will be shifted so that clients are unaffected. Cloud servers offer more redundancy – if one server fails, others will take its place. 
  • Server Monitoring: WP Engine is constantly monitoring their global servers and adjust as needed so you get strong uptime and backups if any servers go down. 
  • WP Engine Uptime: WP Engine guarantees no less that 99.95% site uptime. They invest in infrastructure, technology and techniques striving for 100% uptime. When there is the slightest blip of downtime, WP Engine is immediately working to bring you back online, and then make improvements for the next time. 
  • Automatic Core Updates: WP Engine internally tests and then automatically updates sites when a new security or maintenance version of WordPress core is released to keep you up to date. 
  • Backups on WP Engine: Backups run automatically each night and can also be manually initiated at any time (also one-click staging). These backups contain all of the WordPress core files, your themes and plugins, and database. We can restore older versions of your site in the event of data loss or improper content. In addition to auto backups, sites are backed up offsite every 24 hours!