82% of trade show attendees have buying power.

Your creative concept is the big idea which captures an audience’s interest, influences their emotional response, and inspires them to purchase your product or service. Creating an effective brand for your business is the process of developing and refining a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Custom Direct is an integrated marketing agency focused on growing your company, your sales, your profits and generating new, ongoing opportunities. 

Trade Shows + Events

Your event participation success (whether live or remote), depends on your show strategy. To maximize your exposure pre-, during, and post-show, we coordinate effective show strategies which include engagement with your target audience. This means we provide campaigns which keep you in front of your prospects with relevant and timely details about your capabilities and services – proving you are the solution they need for their most intense challenges.

Sales Collateral

Don’t just ‘leave it behind’, showcase your products and services with printed collateral, designed to work in tandem with your digital efforts. A prospective client may need to see your message as many as eight times before agreeing to look further into your offerings. Well-designed and produced sales collateral can help reinforce a consistent message to your sales team while acting as a ‘silent salesperson’ to move the conversation forward.

Public Relations

At its core, public relations is storytelling. Our PR services are designed to tell your story, sell your brand and connect you with your target audience. We distinguish your company through earned media, including print, social media, and in-person engagements.

Photo + Video

Whether still photos or video, the aim is the same: tell your story and inspire action. We combine the skills of lighting with the art of composition and storytelling, to create photographs and video which will showcase your work products in the best way possible.

Catalogs + Publications

From print to digital and back again, catalogs have proven to be a very effective tool for manufacturers and distributors to sell their products. Regardless of the format, producing a catalog designed to showcase and SELL your products requires an expertise combining project management, writing and good design to deliver on time and on budget.

The same is true for publications, whether weekly, monthly or annual… consistently communicating your story requires an understanding of process, attention to detail, and a creativity which inspires readership and increases advocacy.