Your brand is the relationship you have with your customers. Relationships matter.

Creating an effective brand for your manufacturing business is the process of developing and refining a long-lasting, rewarding relationship with your customers.

Done well, it is an ongoing, two-way conversation about who you are, why you do what you do and how your customers will benefit.

Let us help you tell your story.

CDI will develop a consistent narrative for your message, the “one thing” that aligns and directs the behaviors of your entire team, the creative of your marketing materials, the navigation of your website, the tone of your messaging and thought leadership – all of the elements that define and create your customer experience across every marketing channel.

Development of your Brand Story involves gathering and analyzing input from a variety of sources, the deliverables of which are presented in a document encompassing:

  • Insights from internal ‘Spark Sessions’ with key members of your team
  • BRAND PROMISE - an outward facing statement
  • BRAND POSITIONING STATEMENT - an inward facing statement
  • BRAND CORNERSTONES - value propositions and competitive advantages

Importantly, your Brand Cornerstones are the foundation by which all materials and marketing efforts will be judged to be on target, consistent and on message. It’s these Cornerstones, of the company's brand, that you will return to and use to guide your decisions and actions, based upon whether your efforts will support and enhance your brand.

The deliverables for your Brand Story document may also include:

  • The Visual Look and Feel of your Brand: current, proposed and competitive
  • Voice and Personality Statements
  • Brand Standards Guide

Is there a process used to create or improve your brand?

A well-defined brand is much more than logos, colors and taglines. 

A well-defined brand is less about you - and all about your customer experience.

Today’s multichannel and increasingly digital world requires an integrated approach. Custom Direct’s process combines both creative and analytical skills to create your brand.

We apply the research and insight, from the discovery phase, to develop a Brand Story that is uniquely yours and – just as importantly – relevant to your target customers and prospects alike.