Website visitors only need a half a second to form an opinion of a website, and 75% of a website’s credibility is due to design.

As the most important aspect of your digital presence, your website is the foundation for your growth goal success. Far from a “one and done” representation of your products, services and capabilities, your website must be accurate, engaging, and differentiate your brand from the competition.

Custom Direct is an integrated marketing agency focused on growing your company, your sales, your profits and generating new, ongoing opportunities. Whether your website was updated recently, or several years ago, we partner with you to ensure your website performance provides your marketing strategy with a foundation for success.

Website Development

Beginning with a proven pre-development discovery and planning process, we deliver a new website with clear navigation, SEO-rich content and consistent branding throughout.

While your website will have a custom look and feel unique to your brand, the ability to easily update content means you won’t have to reach outside your company to post job openings, new products, or blogs.

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Update + Redesign

Experience shows your website performance benefits from a solid foundation and iterative, ongoing content and functionality updates.

When your website goes stale and fails to deliver engaging content, or contains too many navigation clicks, taking a refresh - rather than rebuild - approach can breathe new life into your online presence.

We work with you to develop an update and redesign plan to fit your growth goals.

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We bring your sales process online with a proven eCommerce development plan.

Whether you have shipping nuances specific to your product line or variable dealer pricing, we deliver online sales solutions which integrate with your existing payment options, ERPs and shipping providers.

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Managed Hosting

Protecting the integrity of your website is the key component of our Managed Hosting services.

Our business partnerships with WPEngine and Pressable bring globally-recognized superior cloud hosting security in addition to our ongoing back-end updating for WordPress integrations.

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