White Papers

When you are considering the best solution for your growth challenges, learning the methodology for success in similar situations provides insight and confidence to move forward with your next steps.


We completed a comprehensive analysis and rebranding of Ex-Cell Kaiser's including identification of their unique, core competencies. The ability to offer custom, branded solutions with a complex array of options truly sets them apart from the competition. 

Ex-Cell Kaiser's existing, inflexible eCommerce platform - Magento - required extensive and expensive maintenance in a closed, proprietary system. Making even the simplest of product updates or changes was an expensive and time consuming proposition.

The eCommerce solution in place prohibited Ex-Cell Kaiser from taking full advantage of the key differentiator: custom product solutions, which also deliver proportionately higher margins on typically larger sales.


Given the success and growth of Marcel’s Culinary, Jill purchased a nearby building, built and opened a cheese and charcuterie shop, selling high end foods, wines and liquor to the same clientele as Marcel’s Culinary. 

This shop, Marché, saw tremendous foot traffic - and orders for ‘Charcuterie Boards’ of meats and cheeses, in various sizes and price points for entertaining from 2 to 20. 

Demand for these boards increased - and Jill decided to create an eCommerce portal for the boards - with a few unique challenges to overcome. Selling expensive meats and cheeses, in ounce proportions, while accounting for inventory was extremely important, as was a scheduling system which allowed customers to order boards 24/7/365 - but with a catch: boards had to be picked up in the store 6 of 7 days a week (closed Monday) and the ordering system had to time order capture, board prep and pick up with the precision required of keeping food fresh.