Website Update + Redesign

Is your website generating leads?

“Our website isn’t working for us.”  This is often how conversations begin when a business finds their website isn’t generating enough traffic, and specifically, new leads. While leveraging search engine optimization, paid ads and social media can increase traffic to your website, what are visitors finding when they get there?

With less than a second to make a great first impression, the visual appeal of your website must be enough to convince your prospects to stick around – once you’ve caught their attention, the rest of your website needs to keep them engaged.

When your website fails to deliver leads, consider the overall design,  navigation and content. Even if your website was updated in the last 5 years, when was the last time you have taken a comprehensive look at the accuracy of the content? Can you find capabilities content within a one click? Are the images current and sized correctly? Is your new product or service even on the website?

User-friendly navigation, engaging content, straightforward contact information, and clear call to actions are all important attributes of an effective website, and we’re here to help make that happen!

Our work with manufacturing and industrial clients has provided B2B companies with the websites they need to meet the quality of the products and services they deliver.

The CDI Website Update + Redesign Plan

Our team will complete a comprehensive assessment of your existing site to determine where there are opportunities for enhanced functionality, improved navigation, and SEO-rich content development. We’ll share our recommendations and collaborate with you to confirm the implementation of your unique Website Update + Redesign Plan.

The deliverables of this program include:

  • Assessment identifying existing resources and content gaps
  • Review of on-page SEO and list of recommended changes
  • Recommended sitemap
  • Wireframes for key content pages, if needed
  • Update + Redesign of existing website, including:
    • Utilizing company brand colors, fonts and logo
    • Add conversion goals to Google Analytics
    • Mobile responsive
  • Zoom-based training
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If you’re happy with the current content on your website, we’ll transfer it over. If you’d rather start fresh and create a brand voice that better speaks to you, our team will collaborate with you to draft out new content focusing on what you do best. Either way, we’ll be here to make sure your content is updated and tailored to your audience’s needs.
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From mobile to desktop, we’ll assess the functionality and navigation aspects of your current website to see how we can elevate user experience. Wwe’ll create a sitemap to plan out a more succinct, streamlined approach to your navigation bar, so prospects can easily find the information they need on your website.
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Our comprehensive assessment of your website includes an analysis of the current Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices in place. We’ll identify any on-page areas needing improvement, such as missing or broken links, meta descriptions, page titles, and image tags. After making our suggestions, we’ll move forward with any and all approved SEO updates to make sure your website isn’t being penalized and hidden by search engines. We also offer ongoing, monthly SEO monitoring of websites if you want to ensure your website is consistently functioning at maximum efficiency.
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Consistency is key when it comes to branding. Your website, social media platforms, and sales collateral should have notable cohesion across the board. If your branding isn’t as uniform as you’d like it to be, we’re here to help. While we offer branding services if you’re interested in switching up your website’s look and feel, we can also work with what you’ve got and implement it throughout your newly updated website.