white board with writing
(White) Board Meeting: Digging Into LinkedIn to Get More Leads
January 16, 2023
white board with writing
(White) Board Meeting: Digging Into LinkedIn to Get More Leads
January 16, 2023

(White) Board Meeting: Getting Started with Competitive Analysis

Growing your brand is a continuous process, and allocating short periods of spare time toward your company's marketing efforts can have a significant impact on your results. 


Leverage Your Competition

Here are easy-to-follow steps manufacturers – and other B2B businesses – can take to get leads, build brand awareness, and optimize their digital presence organically through competitive analysis:

  • Google your competition 
    • Review text and image results focusing on keyword identification 
  • Use findings to refine your website's meta descriptions* 
    • Allow meta descriptions to work as a 160-character count sales pitch for each page of your website, using 1-2 important keywords 
  • Revisit your company's social media pages 
    • Maximize the word count to utilize focused keywords
    • Always link back to a landing page on your website in your posts and on your page 


Benefits of Competitive Analysis

Competitive research and analysis allow you to identify how companies within your industry market their capabilities to shared or similar audiences. Leverage your findings by pinpointing common industry keywords based on search queries to optimize your meta descriptions, web page copy, and social media pages. Evaluating the current state of your company's digital presence, comparing it to your competitors', and making adjustments to keyword usage is a quick and easy way to improve the overall discoverability of your content by the right audiences. 


*Meta descriptions appear below page titles in search engine results pages and are used to summarize a web page's content in 160 characters or less. With such a limited character count, it's extremely important to include targeted keywords in your meta descriptions that focus on the content of one specific page. 

Custom Direct, Inc. holds regular (White) Board Meetings to discuss client projects and other marketing initiatives. 

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