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(White) Board Meeting: Why Footers Are Critical to Visitor Engagement (and What You Should Have in Yours)

We are a Footer Fan Club. 

As the only part of your website seen on every page (besides the navigation at the top), footers provide a robust opportunity to ensure search engines find you and visitors remain on your website through easy links at the bottom of your entire site.

Too often, website footers are an afterthought and a missed opportunity for companies to showcase valuable information and engage visitors. In fact, studies show 66% of user engagement on websites occurs "below the fold," – or the bottom portion of your website – and you only have a few seconds to grab users' attention. Optimizing your website footer is key to your company's overall website performance.


What Is a Website Footer?

Website footers are the blocks of content at the bottom of your webpage. Footers are used to indicate the end of a page, and they're also an information hub containing the must-see content you want at your prospects' disposal. Your footer can encourage visitors to take action, connect with your brand, and stay on your website longer.

What Should I Include in My Website Footer?

The prime real estate in your website footer is invaluable for website visitor engagement, so it's important to be intentional about what you choose to have in it. CDI's Nancy O'Leary has worked on every aspect of company websites for years and finds the footer to be incredibly impactful – and often in need of the most attention. 

Here are Nancy's top 6 Footer Content Must-Haves:

  • Sitemap 
      • While your website visitors might not be looking for this, search engines are. If you want to be sure you're taking advantage of your footer and your web pages can be found on Google, a sitemap is critical. 
  • Privacy Policy/Terms of Use
      • To guarantee the protection of your website and visitors, be sure to disclose what information is being gathered from users on your page, as well as what people are agreeing to by being on your website. 
  • Contact Information 
      • Your footer is a great place for call-to-actions (CTA). Make it easy for visitors to get in touch with you to yield high-value conversions. 
  • Social Media Icons 
      • Encourage your audience to visit your brand's other digital platforms by providing easy navigation to them. Include clickable icons directing to your social media pages.
  • Awards, Certifications, and Testimonials
      • Utilize your footer to spotlight your company's expertise, credibility, and reputation. This is an ideal place to display certifications and awards your company may have, as well as testimonials from your clients.
  • Products and Services
      • This is a great spot to include links to your company's core competencies. Be sure visitors can easily find these details. 


Join the Footer Fan Club and include these "Must-Haves" in your company's footer to promote extended engagement on your website!

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Nancy O'Leary is Custom Direct's Vice President. 

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