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September 9, 2013
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September 16, 2013

The Importance of Meta Tags

Search Engine Optimization is a broad topic, but it helps if you understand the concept of Meta tagging.  There are three main types of Meta tags: Meta title, Meta description, and Meta keywords.  When it comes to SEO, each Meta tag has its own importance.  Here is a brief summary about each Meta tag:

Meta Title: The Meta title is simply the title that helps classify what the author is writing about.  It helps SEO categorize what topic the section should be.

Meta Description: The Meta description is what comes up on a search engine as the page’s description.  It is a brief summary (160 characters or less) that indicates what the webpage is about.

Below is a picture that shows where the Meta description is located:

Google search results "how to bake cookies"

Meta Keywords: Meta keywords are also used to help characterize a webpage for better SEO.  The keywords are several main words that indicate what the webpage is about. For example, if my webpage was a chocolate chip cookie recipe, some of my keywords would be: chocolate chip cookies, cookies, cookie recipes, chocolate chip cookie recipes, and baking.  These keywords all indicate why this page is important, and what the content is.

Meta tagging is important for digital marketing because it helps webpages receive the best possible search results.  The better the search results, the more traffic the webpage should receive.