In the last 12 months, more than 55 Illinois-based manufacturers benefited from this straightforward, no-nonsense program designed to put their digital presence to work.

Custom Direct, Inc. (CDI) has developed a straightforward, no-nonsense marketing program which focuses on building the foundation for an effective digital presence.

It's easy to get started!

We begin with an assessment of your website and LinkedIn presence, then provide you with a customized Assessment, Recommendations and Implementation Report.

Where this program really makes a difference, based upon feedback from these manufacturers, is our commitment to addressing the issues identified in the assessment, while providing concrete, doable recommendations — AND then implementing the changes as needed.

The flexibility of this strategy enables us to collaborate and map out a unique, individual strategy based on your specific needs. No marketing-speak. No cookie cutter solutions.

"As a small company we built our website and social media platforms ourselves. With the amount of hats we have on at any given time it’s impossible to make every section of our business the best it can be. That especially applies to our website and marketing efforts.

Nancy’s team at Custom Direct took our foundational elements and enhanced every one of them, making our marketing efforts truly professional.

They made sure our website flowed smoothly and ran fast. They buttoned up all of our SEO elements, tying everything together around our LinkedIn page. We could not have been more pleased with the experience and will enjoy the benefits for many years to come."

Jeffrey C. Roberts MS
Vice President of Engineering


Where this program really makes a difference, based upon feedback from clients, is our commitment to specifically and methodically address the issues identified in the assessment, provide concrete, doable recommendations, AND implement the changes as needed.

The flexibility of this strategy enables you, the manufacturer, and Custom Direct, to address specific issues from your Assessment Report and map out a unique, individual strategy based on your specific needs. No marketing-speak and no cookie cutter solutions.

Customized Assessment Report

Read more about what we present you
We prepare and deliver a customized Assessment, Recommendations and Implementation Report, presenting to you and your team via ZOOM or TEAMS. We answer all questions and concerns as we review the recommended next steps, including timeframes and expected costs. There is no obligation for you to move forward with the implementation, but like our other clients, we believe you’ll be more than pleased and will let us take the lead.
CDI Website Review


Is your digital ‘salesperson’ working 24/7/365? We analyze and rate the Content, Appearance and Navigation for three key pages on your site:

1. Home
2. About
3. Capabilities

Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

Are you getting found on Google? We review the often-overlooked components of your site that may be hurting your search results.

  • • Title Text and Alt Text for Key Pages
  • • Meta Descriptions and Page Titles for Key Pages
LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn social media

NOT just for jobseekers anymore, LinkedIn has evolved into a destination for serious, business-minded professionals who know they can no longer rely on face-to-face or more traditional methods of connecting and selling.

We’ll review:

  • • Company Profile Page
  • • Capabilities Clearly Explained
  • • Post Frequency and Relevance
No-Nonsense Marketing for Manufacturers-Sales Collateral


Ensuring your entire sales team is aligned with company competency messaging provides significant ROI for companies with sales teams of all sizes.

Our approach includes:

  • • Company Brochure or Sell Sheet
  • • Capabilities PowerPoint
  • • 15 Minute Sales Pitch


Do I need to completely rebuild my website?

Nope. This program is designed to work with what you have in place. We’re here to Get. You. Started.

The Custom Direct team can work in most any website development, doing so in a trusted and confidential manner, to access the ADMIN side of your site and immediately get to work.

What web platforms do you work with?

We will work with most any web platform, from a custom CMS build to WordPress sites and everything in between. In the past 6 months we’ve successfully helped clients who are using these platforms:

GoDaddy HTML IM Creator Magento MODX
Shopify SQUARESPACE Weebly WIX WordPress

Do you have experience working with manufacturers?

We’re as equally passionate about our clients’ businesses as we are about the business of helping people grow and succeed.

We love manufacturing, and it shows - in our enthusiasm and results. A sampling of the many clients we’ve worked with recently include:

Casting, Chemicals Manufacturing, Electronic Parts Manufacturing, Food, Furniture, Machinery Manufacturing, Precision Machining, Precision Metal Fabrication, Printing, Publishing, RV Manufacturer, Skincare Products, Textiles Manufacturing

What size companies are you helping, is it only big firms?

We help small, start-up companies to mid-market powerhouses, all seeking to improve their marketing effectiveness and make a bottom-line difference. In the first half of 2021 alone, we’ve worked with new clients who are:

  • 22 firms - Less than 20 employees
  • 8 firms - 20-49 employees
  • 5 firms - 50-99+ employees

Interestingly, these figures follow closely to the population of manufacturing in Illinois, where approximately 70% of all manufacturers employ less than 20 people - but who are working hard to expand and grow their opportunities.

The median length of time in business, for the companies we’ve worked with, is 30 years - including a few startups and two firms older than 125 years in business!

What if I have ZERO Social Media Presence - or don’t know how to use it?

Not a problem. Our team is ready to help you understand the VALUE of investing time and energy into LinkedIn and social selling.

Our plans include development of comprehensive 12-month Content Calendar and Post Plan, to ensure you’re making the most effective use of this investment.

Again, of the 35 manufacturing firms we’ve worked with in the first 6 months of 2021:

  • 12 firms had zero presence on LinkedIn
  • 20 firms had a minor presence with no plans or strategy
  • 2 firms had a presence and a plan but benefited from the recommendations specific to their situation

How successful is this program?

28 Companies

42 Projects

$3.2 Million in Impacts


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