Ideal Posting Times for social media
Ideal Posting Times
August 8, 2019
Writing For Character Count
Writing for Character Count
October 17, 2019

LinkedIn Strategy

LinkedIn isn’t just for job searching. When used properly, LinkedIn can be an invaluable tool in creating an online professional network for both companies, and individuals. For companies, LinkedIn provides a unique opportunity to increase brand awareness. Content on this platform can be leveraged to drive sales, connect with collaborators, or even learn new skills.

One of the best methods for embracing the power of LinkedIn is creating content which is useful for prospective customers or industry contacts. Consistently generating and publishing content allows for frequent, meaningful interactions with an expansive network, demonstrating both the knowledge base, and expertise, of the company. A great way for a business to prove it is on the cutting edge is to develop content that is timely and at the forefront of their industry.

For companies that are developing a network for their brand page, leveraging existing personal LinkedIn networks can help expand their audience. Employees should be encouraged to share and engage with posts from the company page – and providing insight and commenting on the information is ideal. Generating conversations and interactions is one of the best ways to grow a company’s LinkedIn presence and brand recognition.

When creating a LI company page, uploading new, and relatively recent content can help with a successful launch. This allows LinkedIn users that come across a company page to scroll through some existing content that might be useful to them and can help increase followers.

After the initial push, creating a content calendar with regularly scheduled posts is imperative. Developing a regular schedule for publishing posts and other content can help make it easier for your employees to share and engage.

Ultimately, the more employees who share and interact with a company’s posts, the more others will see and follow that company’s LinkedIn pages. Followers bring more followers, as more people like, share, and view content and a page. LinkedIn is a useful tool to help put the industry contacts you’ve made to good use promoting your brand.