Website projects don’t have to be overwhelming. We follow an iterative process which encourages collaboration and success. This means we listen and learn about your challenges and key objectives. We focus on elements which drive engaging design while providing an intuitive user experience.

Here are a few of the clients we’ve worked with to bring their website objectives to reality:

Kohnen Concrete

Ace Metal Crafts Company
BTM Industries
Tek-Pak Inc
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Ex-Cell Kaiser is a developer and manufacturer of recycling, hospitality, and facility management products with 85 years of industry experience. Their products are highly unique, and offer customers the option to customize orders to fit specific needs.

Challenge: They were facing challenges with their site, which were preventing them from making the content changes necessary to keep information up-to-date and in line with promotions, marketing efforts, and new products.

Solution: The new site developed by CDI allowed for flexibility for frequent changes to adjust product specifications, and included an highly-specific, technical functionality to support their customizable product line.

Site Highlights:

  • Custom Innovations page: both visually appealing and easy to navigate, this page is the centerpiece of customizable products for customers.
  • New Products page: easy to find for customers and easy to update for the Excel-Kaiser team, this page exemplifies the flexibility of the site.
  • Distributor Tools page: a page specifically designed for distributors to access the content they need quickly and efficiently.

Kohnen Concrete is a third-generation family-owned company specializing in concrete products and applications.

Challenge: With such an extensive range of capabilities, it was necessary to use a compelling library of images to enhance content.

Solution: The key to success was ensuring the depth of images did not affect load time responsiveness, so the site remained easy to navigate.

Site Highlights:

  • Home page: the use of icons and placement of key products make this page quick and easy to navigate.
  • Services pages: descriptive content with accompanying images provides potential customers with all information they might need to make purchasing decisions.

Ace Metal Crafts Company is a provider of stainless-steel fabrication, machining, and value engineering for a variety of industries--including packaging, environmental, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical processing.

Challenge: Developing a new website was part of an overall brand redesign and repositioning effort for ACE. It was key for the site to reflect the new look, feel, and messaging, as well as the culture which drives their standard of excellence.

Solution: When designing the site, it was critical to include these elements of expertise, innovation, and culture in real terms and examples, without compromising customer confidentiality.

Site Highlights:

  • ACE History page--highlights 60 years of their culture and building of expertise.
  • Capabilities page--images, videos, and content which provide insight into key processes and information on services by showcasing shop floors rather than customer products.
  • Home page--outlines key industries served and provided applications with captivating images.

Tri-Par Die and Mold Corporation provides precision molding, tooling, and contract manufacturing for varied industries--including automotive, medical, electronic, water purification and consumer products.

Challenge: As Tri-Par supplies everyday essential products and services which are key in many industries, it was necessary for the site to immediately highlight these core competencies without forcing visitors to read paragraphs of content.

Solution: The design of the site was built with descriptive imagery in mind, so photos and video could quickly paint a picture of the key products and services in as few words as possible.

Site Highlights:

  • Home page: bold, descriptive images coupled with a video at the heart of the page allows visitors a quick guide to all capabilities, without ever having to read text.
  • Capabilities pages: streamlined and to-the-point, these pages provide content to visitors in a specific hierarchy of importance, presenting the most valuable information first.

BTM Industries is a multi-generational, family owned short-run production job shop, specializing in machining and metalworking. The services provided by BTM are unique, and have differentiated them from competitors as a solutions provider.

Challenge: Due to their exceptional service and company history, the priorities were to develop a site that highlighted their culture and showcased successful applications without compromising customers’ anonymity.

Solution: The site, in addition to intriguing imagery, became driven by messaging which very closely mirrored BTM company culture. The content is conversational, approachable, and solution-centric--allowing successful applications to be highlighted without specifically naming customers.

Site Highlights:

  • Home page: with solution-based content, images highlighting company culture, and animated page elements, the home page is a strong, dynamic introduction to BTM and their capabilities.
  • “What We Do” page: this page highlights solutions provided to customers in a simple case study format, while keeping all customer information anonymous. The downloadable Capabilities sell-sheet is an excellent tool which keeps user-experience in mind.

TekPak, Inc., who originally made their mark in Tape and Reel solutions, now provide the food, medical, electronic, and industrial industries with Thermoform tooling, Thermoforming, and Thermoform R+D services.

Challenge: With so many diverse capabilities across several industries, it was imperative that the site provide visitors with necessary information with a consistent look and feel.

Solution: When designing the site, it was key to consistently revisit TekPak brand standards to drive the look and feel, as well as the content and messaging. This commitment to branding, coupled with a hierarchy of key information, led to an easy-to-navigate, visually “clean” site.

Site Highlights:

  • Home page: headlined with descriptive images, this page makes capabilities the centerpiece--making the content unmissable.
  • Thermoform Tooling page: this page is extremely dynamic, and provides all technical information in an easy to understand and interesting way.

AMES Tools is the nation’s leading provider of automatic taping and finishing tools, supplies, and training, with company stores and tool rental locations across the United States and Canada.

Challenge: Because of their wide selection of products and services, AMES needed a site which could handle a product catalog layout, in both English and Spanish.

Solution: Custom Direct, from our background in print catalog design and development, understands organization of content, and developed a bilingual website to include all products and services in user-friendly layou

Site Highlights:

  • Product Catalog (via Products+Services page): the product catalog, a main priority for AMES, is designed for the user-experience. Available in English and Spanish, it highlights different product categories for quick navigation.
  • The site, as a whole, is bilingual--available in English and Spanish, which can be simply changed by selecting between the two languages in the footer.

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