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Website Development: Tri-Par
March 2, 2023
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Website Development: Kohnen Concrete Products
February 8, 2023
Ex-Cell Kaiser


Ex-Cell Kaiser is a developer and manufacturer of recycling, hospitality, and facility management products with 85 years of industry experience. Their products are highly unique, and offer customers the option to customize orders to fit specific needs.


They were facing challenges with their site, which were preventing them from making the content changes necessary to keep information up-to-date and in line with promotions, marketing efforts, and new products.


The new site developed allowed for flexibility for frequent changes to adjust product specifications, and included an highly-specific, technical functionality to support their customizable product line.


  • Custom Innovations page: both visually appealing and easy to navigate, this page is the centerpiece of customizable products for customers.
  • New Products page: easy to find for customers and easy to update for the Excel-Kaiser team, this page exemplifies the flexibility of the site.
  • Distributor Tools page: a page specifically designed for distributors to access the content they need quickly and efficiently.