Tri-Par Die & Mold Corporation


For over 60 years, Tri-Par Die and Mold Corporation has provided high-quality precision molding, tooling, and contract manufacturing, serving various industries including medical, electronic, automotive, water purification, and consumer products.


Showcasing Superior Quality and Capabilities.

Tri-Par Die needed to show their high-quality precision molding, tooling, and contract manufacturing to prospective customers. They were struggling to convey what set them apart from the market.


Discovering Not All Photography is the Same.

The company realized their website no longer reflected their company vision, and the product photography did not showcase their complex capabilities. Tri-Par was looking for product photography which would “speak louder than words.”


Professionally Shot, Highly Detailed Photography.

Custom Direct, Inc. proposed photography of the individual Tri-Par products, shot at the CDI in-house photography studio. This set-up would utilize professional lighting and photography equipment to capture the complex details of Tri-Par’s precision molded products. Additionally, CDI would develop a video showcasing the intricacies and functionality of Tri-Par’s Turn-Key Injection Molding Cell, as well as additional on-site video capturing the mold shop and other injection mold machines.



Creating a Visual Library of Tri-Par’s Capabilities.

CDI produced over 40 new images of Tri-Par’s products, shop-floor, and machines - implementing a photography objective to capture the most important aspect of each item to emphasize Tri-Par’s detailed capabilities. The new, professional photos and video served as the backbone for a completely redesigned website, also completed by CDI. Rather than heavily relying on text, CDI was able to design the new Tri-Par website utilizing the new photographs and video, which now spoke volumes in terms of the company’s capabilities.



A New Website with Photography Telling the Story.

Tri-Par’s new website includes not only visually appealing photography throughout the pages, but also an in-depth gallery that can be filtered by industry. This allows prospective customers to easily find a detailed view of Tri-Par’s capabilities. Each individual product showcases its vital attributes, highlighting Tri-Par’s commitment to high-quality production. Additionally, the new photography serves as a useful resource for any future media or resources Tri-Par wants to develop, from sell-sheets and social media posts, to trade show material.