The Quarry Cable Park website
New Website Launch: The Quarry Cable Park & Grille
May 12, 2015
The Quarry Cable Park website
New Website Launch: The Quarry Cable Park & Grille
May 12, 2015

Never go shopping while hungry. Make a plan.

make a plan
Jill Foucré, owner of Marcel’s Culinary Experience and store manager, Dana Williams, look at new products…

At Custom Direct, we’d like to think a client’s success is due primarily to our efforts at branding and marketing their products and services – and this is true in many cases. But the outstanding and growing success of our client, Marcel’s Culinary Experience is credited to an entire team of people – with Jill Foucré at the helm.

Marcel’s, which Foucré founded less than four years ago on Glen Ellyn’s Main Street, was the U.S. winner of the International Housewares Association’s Global Innovation Awards, which recognizes excellence in independent kitchenware retailers.

What makes Jill so successful? The list could take an entire blog post and then some… but we believe the fundamental reason for her continued success is thoughtful planning and decision making. Taking the time to plan, review, execute and plan again is what makes Marcel’s Culinary Experience, Jill and her entire team so successful!

From a recent Chicago Tribune Article:

Winding their way through the show Monday, between handshakes and hugs of well wishes, Foucre and Williams made their first stop at Lodge, a Tennessee-based maker of cast iron cookware.

Marcel carries the brand, but was on the lookout for what it had that is new.

“People love Made in America,” Williams said.

Foucre marveled at a two-handled 17-inch cast-iron skillet hanging from a wall, noting it could be used as a paella pan, and jotted down its details in a notebook.

As a rule, she said, she never places orders at the trade show.

“To me that’s like going to the grocery store hungry,” Foucre said.