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November 14, 2019
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March 4, 2020

Why B2B Marketers Shouldn’t Ditch Their Print Catalogs

Today, everything is digital. But that doesn’t mean print isn’t effective anymore! Sending your customer or prospect your latest catalog which includes your newest products serves as a starting point for a buying experience. The information below highlights some key attributes of the never dead print catalog:


Mailing catalogs to targeted prospects is a proven B2B customer acquisition strategy. You can pinpoint the exact prospects you want to reach by title, industry, geography, company size, annual revenue, and other criteria.

Getting Attention

The physical presence of a catalog demands more attention and is more effective at engaging your audience than an easily-deleted email or an easily-ignored pay-per-click ad.

Cross Selling

Catalogs give you the ability to showcase and promote companion products and accessories much easier than a traditionally laid out ecommerce website.

Product Comparisons

Reviewing detailed product information is much easier in print than on a screen – try it!

Brand Awareness

A catalog makes sure your brand is visible and your company is top of mind when a buying decision is being made.

Drive Online Traffic

  • 70% of people go online after receiving a catalog
  • Catalog recipients spend more time on the website than others
  • Websites supported by catalogs yield more revenue

Print catalogs remain a remarkably effective component of an integrated product marketing strategy, giving buyers all the tools they need to browse and buy — however they’d like to do it!