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February 27, 2015

What Color is This Dress? It Depends...

Controversial Dress Photos

The inside story of the ‘white dress, blue dress’ drama that divided a planet.

Here’s how the gig works: First, look at the image at left. Do you see a dress? Perfect. Now, can you determine the dress’s color? Is it white? Is it blue? What is it? Earlier this week, a tumblr user by the name of Swiked posed a simple question to her friends: What color is this dress?

Given how fast this topic has spread – and divided the planet – its easy to see why COLOR – and people’s perception of color, whether viewing online or in print – can cause such an uproar. Imagine ordering the dress online – having it arrive only days before the wedding – to find out it looks NOTHING like the photo.

Unfortunately – this kind of ‘tragedy‘ happens all too often, resulting in unhappy customers and unwanted returns. Fortunately, Custom Direct has 30+ years of experience in retail product color matching – ensuring the color of the dress you see, is the color of the dress you receive!

You Can read about this “controversy” MOST EVERYWHERE on the internet, or you can read The Washington Post article here.