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The Importance of Brand Identity
September 16, 2013
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Featured: Marcel’s Culinary Experience
February 27, 2015

Show it... to Sell it...


In a recent post, The Art of Delivering Style, Maria Haggerty says, ” photography plays a critical role in e-commerce success. When it’s done well, professional e-commerce photography delivers product images that incentivize consumers to explore merchandise and finalize purchases, converting online window shoppers into customers and, hopefully, passionate brand advocates.

While ‘winging it’ on your own with that new DSLR camera you just bought – or worse yet, the ‘camera’ in your smart phone – might seem like a good idea, it really pays to have professional photography AND color retouching to showcase the best attributes of your product.

Retouching, in particular, plays a very important role in helping you meet your customer’s expectations of color. If you’re selling ANYTHING that is even remotely ‘fashion’ – having exact, consistent color from product-to-product and image-to-image is extremely important in reducing returns and unhappy customers.

Selling what you SHOW and Showing what you SELL also helps to build and reinforce the quality perception of your brand.