Donkey Brands


Donkey Brands, a family owned and operated company, makes authentic style tortilla chips with a generations-old hand-made and seasoned recipe. Committed to quality, Donkey Brands tortilla chips use only 4 simple ingredients to create their stone ground white corn tortilla chips. With the success of their tortilla chips, Donkey Brands added a salsa line to their product offerings, giving their chips the perfect snack partner.



Stand out on a Crowded Shelf and a Crowded Internet.

Donkey Brands needed their online presence to reflect their brand, fun and unique, but committed to quality. With the vast number of tortilla chip brands available, it was key for Donkey Brands to stand out on the shelf at the grocery store, and with their online presence.


Finding Donkey Brands a Voice.

Following a successful package redesign project with CDI, Donkey Brands was looking for a way to showcase their brand outside of the grocery store shelf. The logo and bag stood out at stores, but Donkey Brands needed to expand their exposure and customer base.



Social Media and Customer Engagement.

Social Media provided Donkey Brands with a perfect tool to build and engage with their customer base. Donkey Brands understood the importance of a social media presence, but found consistency with posting to be overwhelming.



Consistent Social Media Posting.

CDI recommended creating/updating profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram which followed the branding on their packaging, and on their website. Additionally, a posting schedule (content calendar) was developed to ensure consistency and quality of these posts. Content would be created and split into two main categories, recipes and topical, with flexibility to adapt to any changes in the future. Monthly reporting would be implemented to track key performance indicators and make any necessary changes.



Commitment to Posting.

CDI updated Donkey Brands social media profiles to reflect the updated look. Through content development and increased social media posting, CDI developed a unique voice for Donkey Brands social media presence, based upon the company’s donkey logo, while providing helpful recipes and fun interactions for their followers. Posts were planned, designed, and scheduled in advance to ensure consistent delivery and quality content. CDI also provided monthly performance reports for content success review.



Improved Consistency with More Channels.

With the increase in posting, Donkey Brands social media accounts saw substantial increases in engagement, reach, and followers. In the first year, Twitter followers increased by over 1,200%, and Instagram followers increased by 1,000%. With no real presence on Pinterest prior to the social media project, Pinterest gained 208 new followers. Facebook Page Likes increased by 7.6% to reach over 4,000 total.


Overall, Donkey Brands social media accounts went from sharing a small handful of posts in 2016 to over a 100 posts in 2017. As a result, website traffic increased by 50% and website traffic directly from social media increased 130%.