Torque Technologies / Goizper USA


Torque Technologies, based in Sarasota, Florida, is the exclusive distributor of Goizper brand clutches and brakes in North America. Goizper brand products are sold worldwide and have a reputation for high quality, precision engineering and flexible design.



Consistently Connect with Customers.

Goizper’s solid reputation wasn’t well known in North America and they faced considerable competition from much larger, well-established companies. The lucrative can manufacturing market, for example, offered Goizper great potential for Retrofit and OEM business, if the marketplace could be reached with the right messaging. After reaching their target market, it was key for Torque Technologies/Goizper USA to stay connected with their customers, keeping them informed on a consistent basis to remain competitive within the market.



Find an Effective Method for Reaching Contacts When Traditional Methods Proved Inefficient.

Torque Technologies/Goizper understood the need to reach their customers on a regular basis, especially before industry trade shows and product releases. Direct mail and individual phone calls weren’t effective in terms of time and resources when trying to reach large groups of their contacts. Torque Technologies needed a way to efficiently communicate with large, but targeted groups of their customers.



Marketing Automation to Maximize Efficiency of Outreach.

Having previously partnered with Custom Direct on several marketing initiatives, Torque turned to CDI for insight on developing a strategic approach to their outreach needs. Through discussion, and gaining an understanding of Torque’s contact database, Custom Direct recommended utilizing marketing automation as a solution.


Finding a Marketing Automation Platform to Fit the Database.

As an agency that is platform agnostic, Custom Direct works within a variety of marketing automation platforms, depending on the needs of the client. For Torque Technologies, the marketing automation platform best suited for their project was Act! (formerly Swiftpage). This decision was made in large part because Torque was already utilizing Act! for the CRM database and email functionality - but had not explored the automated email capability.



Targeted Audiences and Strategic Content Build for Successful Campaigns.

Through strategic conversations and collaboration with the Torque Technologies team, CDI segmented the contact database into groups of contacts based on characteristics such as: industry, lead score, and trade show attendance. By following this strategic approach for targeted, multi-step campaigns, these initiatives accomplished multiple project goals. Follow-up and lead generation campaigns were developed to nurture new leads. Content-focused campaigns were developed to connect with existing contacts on a regular basis. (These emails were scheduled and sent to thousands of Torque Technologies contacts in one smooth process, integrating existing content, like sell sheets, white papers, and case studies.) Pre- and post-trade show email campaigns were developed to notify prospects and customers of Torque’s upcoming show attendance, as well as provide a path for ongoing engagement.



Marketing Automation Allowed Torque Technologies to Do More With Their Database—Reach More of an Audience, More Consistently, and More Often.

Torque Technologies is pleased with our ongoing work and is working to develop and implement marketing programs for additional Torque-represented brands. Marketing automation has proven to be a successful, powerful tool that can be applied to nearly every element of their marketing strategy, enabling them to directly reach contacts in a strategic, consistent manner. Additionally, marketing automation has provided Torque with real time data which allows them to continue to build upon their prospect and customer relationships.