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Winning at the Shelf: When Less IS More

According to Thompson Dawson of Branding Strategy Insider, "To win the battle at shelf requires your product represent a greater, more valuable idea to the consumer than the words and decorations used on the label to describe its function and benefits."

In short, your packaging must convey everything your brand represents to your ideal consumer, almost immediately.

How do you differentiate tortilla chips and salsa on a crowded store shelf? For our client's Donkey Brand Donkey Chips and their new product extension, Donkey Brand Salsa, we adhered to the dictum of 'less is more'.

Donkey Chips brand tortilla chips are all natural - with only 3 or 4 ingredients - made to meet a growing consumer demand for foods with simple ingredients and less processing.

When Donkey Brands chose to add a 'kick' to their product line with Donkey Salsa, the winning packaging design consisted of a clear label with minimal graphics, allowing the consumer to immediately see the fresh-goodness of the ingredients inside.

Your packaging says everything about your brand, and we encourage our clients to take every step in the right direction when beginning or refreshing a new package design.

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