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What Is Marketing Automation—and Why It Matters
July 18, 2019
LinkedIn Strategy
LinkedIn Strategy
October 8, 2019

Ideal Posting Times

Generating engagement is key to any digital marketing plan. For companies to be successful on social media, they need to be strategic. Drive engagement by posting to platforms at peak times, ensuring the most people see, and interact with, your content.


In general, Facebook posts log the most engagement around mid-day and shortly before people leave work. Wednesday is, in general, the best day to post to Facebook, but all weekdays from 9AM to 3PM are good times to post, with the best time block being between 11AM and 1PM.


Twitter shares comparable peak hours to Instagram as Wednesday and Friday mornings around 9AM are the ideal times to post. However, Twitter does receive more activity on nights and weekends than Instagram or Facebook. A quick response time to your followers is key for success on Twitter.


As the social media platform that targets professionals, it is not surprising that users are most active during conventional work hours. Specifically, Wednesday mornings from 9AM to 10AM and Wednesday at noon are the top times to post to LinkedIn. Additionally, Tuesday through Friday from 8AM to 2PM are generally good times to post, with Sunday being the least active time.


Wednesdays and Fridays around 11AM are the very best times to post to Instagram. Similarly to Facebook, though, posting from 9AM to 3PM on Tuesday through Friday is also a good bet.