LinkedIn Strategy
LinkedIn Strategy
October 8, 2019
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November 14, 2019

Writing for Character Count

Before you begin writing, whether it is for a tweet, a Facebook or Instagram post, or a LinkedIn update, you should know the recommended or mandatory character limits for the specific platform. For example, Facebook allows you significantly more characters per post than Twitter, which confines you to 280 characters per tweet. Understanding character count prior to crafting content will likely make for a shorter editing process and more impactful messaging. Below are some key character counts for popular social media platforms to consider before you begin writing.


Post – 63,206 characters
Recommended - 40-80 characters


Tweet – 280 characters
Recommended - 70-100 characters


Company update: 700 characters
Personal update: 1,300 characters
Recommended: 140 or fewer characters
LinkedIn Publishing: 120,000 characters


Captions: 2,200 characters
Recommended: 125 characters