Make Your Social Media Advertising Go Further with the Right Audience
Make Your Social Media Advertising Go Further with the Right Audience
April 14, 2021
Laura Hill
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May 19, 2021

Why Your Company’s Social Media Presence Matters for Lead Generation

Your Customers Are On Social Media, You Should Be Too

A strong social media presence is vital to marketing your brand. With technology readily available, reaching prospects through a variety of digital content across various popular social media sites has never been easier. While a website serves as the main source of your company’s capabilities, many leads also turn to social media to learn more about your product, the benefits you offer, and your company culture - comparing and contrasting with your competitors.

Social media giants, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, are all widely used today. In fact, there are 3.96 billion active users across various social media platforms, which is 360,000 more users than in the last two years – and this number is only projected to grow. Moreover, not only is more than half of the global population actively engaged in social media, but 54% of browsers use these platforms to research products before buying. With such wide audiences to appeal to, planning, developing, and executing a content strategy will help your business stay relevant – and in front of your customers. 

A Content Calendar Can Help You Start Posting

Creating a content calendar is a great way to keep your social media posts organized and ensure your business is providing fresh information to your customers at a frequency which is comfortable for you. A content calendar is an strategic outline of:

  • What type of content will be posted: Whether it is your latest blog entry or a photo displaying your newest product, planning ahead allows for the highest quality content at the right time. In an ideal scenario, a content calendar features a dynamic mix of content, from case studies and white papers, to product photos and video.
  • When content will be posted: Engagement peaks during different times depending on the social media platform. For instance, studies show that the best times to post on Instagram are on Wednesdays or Fridays around 11 AM. (Learn more about ideal posting times on key platforms, here.)
  • Where content is posted: Consider your audience. While the four primary social media sites used today (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) are similarly populated, they have distinct “personalities”. Knowing where your customers are, and your company’s content fits best, can be the key to success. For example, if your business has just launched a new product and has high-quality, engaging images, consider Instagram. If your B2B business is looking to generate traffic for your new website, try posting a industry expertise blog on LinkedIn, as content-searching on the platform has skyrocketed in recent years.

Organizing material and determining the best platform for your messaging up front will save time in the long-run, and allow your business to reach a wider, more accurate audience of prospects.

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