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(White) Board Meeting: Refreshing Your Company Logo

Consistent, quality branding is essential to building customer relationships. It's important to establish company expectations your clients can rely on to develop trust and identify values associated with your brand. The most recognizable and defining aspect of a business's branding is its logo. 

Kristen's response provided several ways to both identify a need for and address it. 


Does My Company Logo Need Updating?

You may want to consider a new logo if...

  • You have multiple versions of your logo 
      • A commonly used – but outdated – practice is using both horizontal and vertical logos interchangeably
  • Your logo is outdated or no longer matches your company's branding 
      • Colors, tagline, font, etc. 
  • Your logo file is a low-resolution image 
      • Your logo needs to be of the highest quality to ensure it is readable and professional-looking at any size
  • Your logo does not suit the multiple applications it needs to 
      • Many logos are used for print applications in addition to digital ones 


Best Practices for a Logo Refresh 

After you've made the decision to tweak your company logo, be mindful of these factors before doing so: 

  • Don't stray too far from your company's branding
      • Stick with the same color scheme, and keep the graphic similar to the original
      • If you're implementing an entirely new theme to your website and branding as a whole, make announcements on your digital platforms to inform your audience and avoid confusion
  • Use the same logo across the board (see the exception below)
      • If you're taking the time to update your company logo, make an effort to use it consistently on all of your print and digital marketing materials
  • Ensure the file is a high-resolution image
      • Your logo is the face of your brand, and it needs to match the same level of professionalism that your company provides through its capabilities
  • Versatility should be a priority
      • Your logo is displayed across countless different mediums. Ensure that it still serves its intended purpose when printed (sales collateral, business cards, apparel, etc.), and digitally on any platform (websites, social media pages, etc.)

The Only Exception

There is one exception to the rule of having one consistent, unchanging brand logo: apparel. Companies will often consider having a stacked version made for this purpose (typically at the same time a "logo refresh" is happening). Stacked logos are smaller, slightly varied versions of your company logo that are created to better suit applications on hats, t-shirts, hoodies, or other printed items.

Evaluate Company Branding Regularly 

Remember consistent logo usage is necessary for growing your company's brand recognition. In some ways, your company logo also represents the level of quality service, professionalism, and expertise you offer your customers, so be sure to keep your logo file up-to-date and digitally optimized for easy use across multiple platforms. 


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Kristen Cudden is a Digital Marketing Director at Custom Direct, Inc. 

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