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April 21, 2016
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April 21, 2016
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Success often leads to more success – especially if the original success was based upon hard work, detailed planning and a well-developed understanding of your market and the opportunities before you. Marché is one more success for Jill Foucré, founder of Marcel’s Culinary Experience in downtown Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

Marché is more than another excellent Marcel’s Culinary Experience: it’s a zippy hive – alive with a curated collection of delectable foods, amazing entertaining accessories and a crew passionate about cheese, wine and accoutrements.

The shop, located at 496 Main, is the tasty gateway to all the treasures of downtown Glen Ellyn, IL. The shop is packed to the brim with venerable, old world classics and new wave local standouts. From cheese and charcuterie to wines, craft beers, spirits and a distinctive array of complements, there is always something new to taste and sip.

A dynamic and easy-to-use website was required. Building upon the success of the Marcel’s Brand the new, smaller staff of Marché needed a very simple Content Management System, allowing for daily updates to stock, specials, news and more. Marché’s product line required an integrated eCommerce system to sell perishable items: cheese boards, boxes and kits, with a wide variety of options for the customer to choose from.

Working within Marcel Culinary’s POS system – NCR Counterpoint – was an absolute must. The task of molding the WordPress and WooCommerce open source solutions to a powerful, yet proprietary POS system, was one Custom Direct was perfectly suited to take on.

Custom Direct developed a WordPress-based site, enabling the store’s staff to easily learn and manage the constant flow of content, necessary in today’s fast-pace world of retailing.

Using CK Systems’ WooConnect API, Custom Direct integrated WooCommerce with NCR’s Counterpoint POS, enabling Marché to leverage the power and flexibility of the robust content management system within WordPress with the versatility of WooConnect.

WooCommerce to NCR Counterpoint Integration allows Marché to virtually configure any type of product and the integration between WooCommerce and WordPress provides for a widely used, stable and secure platform upon which to conduct ecommerce business.

Marché is a growing success and Custom Direct is proud to be a part of their team.