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February 5, 2015
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February 5, 2015
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Juice Tyme was one of the first in the food service industry to offer juice concentrates in a convenient, bag-in-box delivery system.

Being a pioneer in the industry is a distinct advantage – unless your customers don’t fully comprehend the new products and the value they represent, in terms of quality, sanitation and overall cost.

Adding to the complexity, was the need to effectively sell the nutritional and refreshment benefits of Juice Tyme products, while staying abreast the many rules and regulations of the Food and Drug Administration regarding packaging and marketing claims.

We designed and produced an array of marketing materials targeting customers and end-users at Tasting Events, collateral for distribution by the sales team and labeling for onsite POP.

By better communicating the benefits of their unique product line and maintaining a spirit of ingenuity, Juice Tyme is now one of the nation’s leading food service manufacturers of shelf-stable, bag-in-box concentrates, offering an array of beverages spanning the spectrum of food service markets – from bars and restaurants to healthcare and school cafeterias and beyond.