The Quarry Cable Park & Grille
June 9, 2015
CMJ Manufacturing
April 21, 2016
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In business for 75+ years. AMES Taping tools is the “original drywall superstore” offering contractors the world’s most complete selection of drywall finishing tools, supplies and equipment. With more than 100 AMES retail stores and affiliated resellers in more than 20 states, AMES serves the professional finisher with automatic taping and finishing tool technology and the highest level of customer service.

The current AMES website was old and outdated. While having been built in the highly functional WordPress CMS, the previous development firm had used proprietary plugins and programming, which was cumbersome to use and extremely expensive to update.

The site was missing – or had broken – many important attributes including a Spanish Language translation for all pages, an extensive tool catalog (none present) and was lacking in the ability for customers to open, manage and pay for their retail accounts online.

Custom Direct recommended a complete rebuild of the site – keeping the branding consistent but entirely replacing the back end architecture. By making use of the many available, open-source plugins the WordPress community provides, Custom Direct has enabled AMES to accomplish more, at a much lower cost – without being locked in to a single web developer.

We completely built the WooCommerce-based product catalog, without pricing – in anticipation of moving AMES into eCommerce as it fits in with their current brick-and-mortar based strategy. AMES is extremely happy with the outcome and continues as a Custom Direct client.