April 21, 2016
Glen Ellyn Children’s Resource Center
Glen Ellyn Children’s Resource Center (GECRC)
July 20, 2016

ABUS Mobile Security is the North American arm of ABUS Security Tech Germany (August Bremicker Söhne KG), the division of ABUS Group that concentrates on bicycle and motorcycle security. ABUS Group is a global manufacturer and innovator of preventative security technologies since 1924. Custom Direct has had the pleasure and privilege of working with ABUS since 2011, providing coordinated services with LS+Team, LLC’s branding strategies and expertise.

ABUS’ business objectives were to break into the U.S. market and grow ABUS’ U.S. market share. (ABUS enjoys 82% of Germany’s market share, yet they were relatively unknown in the U.S.) The strategy was to create branding, messaging and marketing that focused on end-user customers and their use of the ABUS products, while supporting ABUS’ distribution network of bicycle dealers.

The first major challenge was to create a North American facing website designed to:

1) align with North American marketing strategies, sensibilities, techniques, and language,
2) support ABUS’ distributors and dealers (ABUS does not sell direct to end-user customers), and
3) facilitate connections with buyers (end-user customers) and sellers (dealers).

The previous website was written in translated German, not natural English; had confusing and very difficult navigation with multiple menu layers; was not mobile friendly (non-responsive design); and the much-required social media links were only available on a Home page “slider.”

Working with direction from the German home office, Custom Direct built a bespoke, php-based website, to accommodate ABUS’ request for product sorting, showcasing and search. While also being written in natural English and much easier to navigate, the design and graphics focused LESS on the Manufacturer and MORE on end-user experience. This included custom API solutions from Shopatron and Buy Local Now, an integrated product availability mapping app; mobile friendly (responsive) design; social media links and sharing available on the top of every page.

Initial Results: Increased brand awareness, Dealer Engagement, Increased North American website and social media traffic.