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My Intro to Buyers Personas
May 31, 2016
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June 7, 2016
2017 marketing intern, Nicole Alfano

Not Your Average Internship- A Summer at Custom Direct, Inc.

2017 marketing intern, Nicole AlfanoEvery summer countless college students apply for any internship they can get their hands on. Even if it means an internship filing paperwork and doing the company busywork, they use anything they can to get their foot in the door. However, my internship at Custom Direct, Inc. was far from this stigma that interns do all the busywork.

During my time at CDI I prospered as a student, but also as a business professional. Since I am currently pursuing a B.S. in marketing and a B.A. in Spanish at Bradley University, I have been exposed to a variety of classes that have provided me with a steady foundation of marketing skills and concepts. I’ve come realize this summer that learning is not merely memorizing and taking tests, but being able to apply the knowledge and skills you’ve learned toward the greater good of a company or team.

As a full service agency, Custom Direct, Inc. performs a large variety of jobs for clients. Therefore as the marketing intern, I had countless opportunities to observe and contribute to these jobs. From learning programs such as Adobe InDesign and WordPress to actually sitting in on meetings with clients, I have gained an immense amount of understanding and knowledge.

One of the most memorable experiences I had over the summer was to see nepsa, a complete startup company, grow tremendously. From assisting the CTO with training module presentations to sitting in on meetings with the VP of Sales and Marketing, I have been able to watch this company grow through the application of multiple marketing techniques.

The family atmosphere here at CDI has also allowed me to feel comfortable asking my co-workers for assistance and guidance whenever necessary. The culture at CDI proves that each step of a marketing campaign or each section is just as important as the next.

As a college student with minimal experience, sometimes it’s hard to imagine your career path after graduation. But with a complete hands-on internship at a company like CDI, it became very clear to me that a future job in marketing is right for me. Thank you CDI for the awesome experience, vast opportunities, and of course the endless amounts of coffee.