No Nonsense Marketing for Manufacturers - LinkedIn
No-Nonsense Marketing for Manufacturers: LinkedIn
September 30, 2021
New Habits for 2022-TikTok
New Habits for 2022: TikTok
February 2, 2022

New Habits for 2022: Instagram

January is coming to a close, which means - you did it! The grind of the notoriously busy, fast-paced but lengthy, first month of the year is just about over. There’s no better time to reset, refocus, and redefine productive digital habits.

Whether you fell short on your marketing efforts in 2021 or simply want to expand your digital presence this year, consider Instagram as a place to engage with existing and potential customers.

With more than 2 billion accounts, Instagram is saturated with active users. The versatility of the platform not only makes it easy to use, but receptive to your company’s marketing objectives. As the social media hub for visually appealing content, there are plenty of features including Stories (used daily by over 500 million users), Reels, Feed Posts, Live streaming, and Advertising, which allow you to curate and optimize content.

Creating an account on Instagram is simple - but keep Account Type in mind. You can opt for a Creator Account, which is meant for personal account usage, or a Business Account. Unlike Creator Accounts, Business Accounts enable advanced features like Instagram Insights (analytics), Ads, Shopping, and more.

2022 is the year to build better digital marketing habits! Allocate just 15 minutes per week to Instagram, and watch this new habit bring greater brand recognition. For help getting started with Instagram accounts, content, or strategy - connect with our team.