benefits of paid Social Media marketing
Benefits of Paid Social Media
May 17, 2016
My Intro to Buyers Personas Picture
My Intro to Buyers Personas
May 31, 2016

Instagram for B2B

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With the amount of information cluttering the news feeds of many social media users, it is important to note the huge impact visual content has on communicating with an audience. 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business when an image shows up in local search results (source). That said, why wouldn’t you take advantage of a platform that puts an emphasis on imagery rather than copy? Instagram, a visually led social network, is yet another great tool to help reinforce and showcase your brand through image story telling. – A story that promotes your everyday business practices, brand values, new projects, team efforts, etc. – on a personal level.

Here are a few useful tips when starting your Instagram, or update yours!

  1. Be Consistent – Post frequently on a timely manner. Here at Custom Direct, we follow a content calendar and we highly recommend starting one if you haven’t!
  2. Images Make sure they are cohesive and using the same filters. Applying various types of filters is likely going to affect the look and feel of your brand.
  3. Get Personal – Instagram is all about lifestyle content! Create unique ways to connect with your audience on a personal level. Demonstrate the character of your business.
  4. Profile Your account’s profile picture should clearly identify who you are and your brand; for example, your logo.
  5. Monitor – Keep up with trending topics. Discover your audience’s interests.
  6. Be Responsive – Engage with your audience! Respond to comments and let your audience know you listen and actively participate.
  7. Include hashtags – Photos that included hashtags in their descriptions on Instagram tend to get more Likes than photos that do not (source).

Not sure what you’d post? There’s a variety of social-worthy content you can begin sharing. Consider adding Instagram to your digital marketing plan. – You won’t be disappointed. Additionally, there are excellent tools to help promote your Instagram page. Find us on social media and share your thoughts about Instagram!