Planning + Strategy

Technology and the pace of business have placed great demands on our time, too often forcing us to act or react without forethought or planning. Very often, the simplest strategy we can recommend is to sit down and make a plan - before you act. We'll help you create a plan to define the WHO, WHY, WHEN, WHERE and HOW MUCH before recommending or proceeding with a specific marketing task or program.

Integrated Marketing Plans

Marketing your business in today’s constantly changing, connected world requires ongoing effort to gain share of mind and share of market. You want customers to think positively and frequently about you (mind share), and you want them to buy from you rather than the competition (market share).

With so many different digital and print channels of communications to pick from, how do you know what’s best? It often takes multiple different touchpoints to turn prospects into customers. By purposefully integrating different channels into an integrated, seamless campaign, you can maximize the return on your marketing investment. You can realize a synergistic, positive effect that is typically greater than the sum of the individual channel elements.

Market Research

To paraphrase a famous sage, "the journey to a successful marketing campaign begins with a single step". Where you take that first step can mean all the difference between measurable and repeatable success or failure.

Our Market Research services help you identify and understand your marketplace and its opportunities and challenges, and generate, implement, evaluate and refine a course of action and measure your results each time. Time invested in planning and insight will help you develop a profitable relationship between your company, and your customers and prospects.

Campaign Development + Lead Generation

Achieving your desired results in both the B2B and B2C sales cycle requires an understanding of how purchasing decisions are made, by whom and when.

Fresh Thinking is an integral part of the Custom Direct brand. It is our promise to always be looking for new ideas, resources and talent. Our internal and external network of creative directors, marketing pros, writers and strategists - are subject-matter experts who bring their industry experience and fresh perspectives - to solve your marketing challenges.

We develop integrated campaigns that use an optimal mix of inbound and outbound marketing channels for reaching your suspects and prospects - to help your sales team move your prospects beyond the sales funnel into the customer lifecycle: to specify, recommend, purchase and re-purchase.

Creative Concepting

A creative concept is the BIG IDEA that captures an audience’s interest, influences their emotional response and inspires them to take action. With so many channels available today, developing a communication strategy which resonates across all of them requires a unified message that defines your campaign.

How do we develop a creative concept? We start by listening to you. The foundation of our creative concept process begins with understanding your company, and your industry. We become subject experts on you, and develop messages that communicate your unique resources.