Photo, Video + Retouching

What sets us apart isn’t the camera, lens or equipment we use, it’s the questions we ask before we shoot. Like everything at Custom Direct – our approach to photography is strategic. We listen to you to learn about your product so that our photography tells your message – and resonates with your target audience.

We understand that photo retouching offers you the ability to generate your message with images that haven’t been captured on camera. Our skill goes beyond the toolset in Photoshop, or cloning out unwanted aspects of an image. We bring your image concepts to reality.

Photography – Studio + Location

Perform a quick web search and you’ll find hundreds of photo studios and freelance photographers. But which one will get the job done for you, on time and on budget? With more than 30 years of experience, from working in film to digital, managing weeklong location shoots, or cranking out 300+ product shots in record time, we deliver.

Recent projects range from beautiful and expansive interiors for a Romanesque Basilica in Chicago to dramatic and lively retail interiors for a French cooking school. And if product photography is needed, our in-house digital studio can quickly and cost-effectively capture your image, whether you’re launching a national cosmetics campaign – or selling bike locks online.

Critical Color Prepress

To us, color is always critical. Online or in print, color greatly influences our decisions and emotions; to buy or not to buy, that is the question. Equally important is the decision: To Return or Not to Return.

Ensuring the product images in pixels or print represent the real-life product helps manage the consumer’s expectations and can dramatically reduce costs associated with returns.

Critical color demands an understanding, not just of the tools of the trade, but of how we use those tools to meet the demands of a catalog production cycle with hundreds of pages and thousands of products.

We do it every day. Let us manage your critical color assets and help deliver on your consumer’s expectations.


Videos can be compelling and personal, and they can help you build trust. Let our creative team develop a plan with your desired message and target to help demo your business or products in action, produce a helpful how-to video, or simply tell your story.

Once your video is produced, we help you promote it – on your website, your YouTube channel, your social media pages, and via other marketing channels. Search engines like videos. You may have found video search results will sometimes appear before organic website listings. Our team of search experts will help promote your videos to give you the competitive edge you need.

Art Direction

Photography and videography can be beautiful and technically excellent, but the innovative look of a marketing campaign is thanks to the art director. The creative plan that begins even before the photo shoot ensures the photography/videography articulates your brand – both graphically and strategically. At Custom Direct, we work with you to understand your business and develop a plan that visually tells your brand story – and depicts your brand promise.