Direct Marketing

Direct - it’s in our name. The discipline of direct marketing gives you the ability to accurately measure your marketing spend against your ROI and determine whether or not you're moving in the right, profitable direction. For more than 25 years we've been providing our clients with directly measurable solutions and outstanding results.

Publication Design

Good publication design is about establishing hierarchy; helping the reader navigate the many ‘messages’ contained in the content before them. Our team works to understand your editorial and production needs while combining effective use of color, copy, font, typography, images and structure to produce a publication at the intersection of art and communication.

Catalog Design

Catalog design has ONE goal - to sell. Whether your 'store' is an 8-page consumer catalog or a 3,000-page industrial ‘reference’ book for all things scientific – or anything in between – we understand how to sell your product on the printed page - to fill the wants and needs of your customers.

With experience designing, producing and managing thousand of pages a year, in multiple languages and currencies for multi-national firms, we can help you reduce your overall costs AND increase your sales for successful, repeatable results.

Direct Mail

According to the US Postal Service’s study called, “The Mail Moment”, in a society where everyone seems to have less time, consumers are still spending quite a bit of time with their mail. As part of their Mail Moment, they reserve time to sit down with their mail.

In fact, consumers will spend upwards of 30 minutes on any given occasion to read their mail and more specifically, they spend 45 minutes with magazines, 30 minutes with catalogs, and 25 minutes with Direct Mail.

Compare your overflowing email inboxes, at home and work. Now look at the mail on your desktop. Flip through the new color catalog and imagine the places you’ll go or the things you’ll do with the new gadget or clothing. Take a minute, or two, to read the appeal letter in from the charity you’ve supported – without the blinking, incessant urge to file-move-delete the ever-growing stack of email.

In an era of “build it and they will come” websites and voluminous email, we provide smart, cost-effective and truly multi-channel direct mail solutions to help drive traffic - and drive response – to your campaigns.

Data Analysis

What do you REALLY know about your BEST customers? Are you using data effectively to identify your AVERAGE or WORST customers?

At Custom Direct, we employ a suite of tools, including Personicx®, to create a model of your current database with the overlay of socioeconomic and psychographic information available from thousands of proprietary sources. We build a predictive customer model, through regressive analysis, to then identify business or consumer ‘look-a-like prospects’ to help you grow your business.

List Services

In direct marketing, 40/40/20 is a long-held 'rule' that the success or failure of a campaign relies upon three things:  40% is the list (WHO), 40% is the offer (WHAT) and 20% is the creative execution (everything else).

While rules are made to be broken (or tested), the science of direct marketing is reinforced by decades of proven results. While the design of the piece must be compelling and appealing, too often the creative execution (20%) takes precedence over the WHO and WHAT in a campaign.

We will help you identify to WHOM your message should speak – your target audience. Custom Direct can provide access to a wide range of lists and programs, designed to reach B2B and/or B2C prospects with postal addresses, email, phone number, and other relevant and helpful information for a successful campaign.