Digital Marketing

Technology and the evolving digital landscape have changed and continue to change the way people access information and make decisions. Organizations large and small have benefited from increased flexibility to reach and communicate with more people.

Digital Strategy

We help develop a digital strategy to determine the appropriate communication channels and tools to effectively meet your organization’s marketing goals.

There are more active mobile devices in the world than there are people. Mobile technology is one of the fastest growing industries – going from zero to over 7 billion devicess in less than three decades. Nearly 2 billion of those people are accessing the Internet using their mobile devices, exceeding the number of people using desktop devices for Internet access. Recognizing the mobile trends, Google gives preferential ranking for mobile-friendly, responsive websites.

Whether your goal is to drive traffic to your local business by making it easy for people to find you (and relevant information about your business) on-the-go or to capture the attention of someone making purchase decisions on their tablet while enjoying their morning coffee, Custom Direct will help you determine the right course of action. From mobile optimized websites and mobile applications to email campaigns and mobile display advertising, we can help you tap into this continually growing user market.

Website Design + Development

Whether you need a brochure website to showcase your business’ talents and services, a transactional e-commerce website to sell your products, a landing page or microsite to support a targeted campaign, or a custom web application to help you manage business processes, Custom Direct will work to understand your business and produce an effective, search engine optimized, mobile-friendly and user-friendly website to meet your marketing needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) + Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

These are some of the ways to get your website (or other web presence) to work for you by driving new prospects and converting those visitors into customers (or donors). Think of your website as a living, breathing animal. You must nurture and continue to feed it relevant, valuable content for your target audience in order see measurable results and maintain your desired customer outcomes.

Our dedicated team of SEO, Paid Search and expert Social tacticians combine the latest digital trends, SEO technology and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising best practices with creative intelligence to develop an Internet marketing strategy to help your website reach the top positioned results of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, and deliver a positive ROI.

Web Analytics + Reporting

We develop web strategies that we believe will maximize your ROI backed by research and industry experience. We understand that customer behaviors change, and we track those behaviors on your website with Google Analytics to determine what’s working, what’s not and what we need to do to maximize the return on your marketing investment.

Email Marketing

While direct mail may generate the highest response rates of all direct marketing vehicles, email posts the highest return on investment, according to the Direct Marketing Association’s 2012 annual response rate report.

According to the study, response rates for letter-sized direct mail sent to house files was 3.4%, more than 30 times the 0.12% response rate for email. But email’s ROI was 28.5% compared to 7% for direct mail.

Email’s high ROI and relatively low cost of entry allow you, the marketer, to do MORE with LESS, while continuing to TEST new and better methods to reach your target audience and generate a response. But too much of a good thing can be lead to bad things – SPAM. Don’t end up blacklisted because you (unwittingly) sent spam. Be smart. Be targeted. Let Custom Direct guide you in the right direction.

Marketing Automation

One of the most important benefits of marketing is the ability to engage your target audience. Marketing automation goes a step further and provides a streamlined, measurable workflow, which can increase marketing efficiency and grow revenue faster.

By utilizing real-time, up-to-date data, we optimize your marketing message across multi-channels – which means we can provide ideas and tactics that drive more leads, convert those leads to sales and prove your Return On Investment (ROI) in marketing dollars.

Here are some of the tools Custom Direct can implement to turn your marketing efforts into a lean, mean ROI machine:

  • Automated Email Marketing
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Dynamic Lists + Segmentation
  • Visitor ID + Behavior Tracking
  • Lead Scoring
  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Dynamic Landing Pages + Forms

Social Media Marketing

Every business benefits from building their brand through the use of social media. Over 2.6 billion people have a social media account and over 50% of Americans check their social media apps multiple times a day.

Whether you need help branding your social media, creating content, running advertising, or understanding your social media’s analytics, we are well equipped to plan and execute an integrated social media marketing strategy. We can help you drive traffic from social media to your website, increase your brand awareness, or engage your customers through creative posts and ads, ensuring you are fully utilizing the apps your customers visit every day.