Brand Building

While the difference between a good and bad logo can have a positive or negative impression, your brand is much more than just your logo, tagline, company colors and letterhead. Your brand - your identity - is a thought, a lasting or ephemeral impression in the mind of your customers, employees and prospects.

What you "say" and what they "hear" or "see" can be very different. We'll help craft all aspects of your brand identity, to create the desired impression and make a lasting and profitable impact on your bottom line.

Vision + Mission Statements

A vision statement is an organization’s guiding hand that paints a vision of the future – where the organization is going, and its “big picture” objectives. The vision statement helps to inspire, guide and challenge the employees to achieve its mission.

A mission statement is a written overarching plan that defines an organization’s purpose. It outlines the organization’s culture, values and core competencies that support its overall vision.

Custom Direct can help you articulate and communicate your vision and mission statements to keep you on your path to continued success and growth. We will work with you to weave these common threads throughout your communications – to build a stronger awareness and understanding of your business.

Positioning Statement

A company’s market position is about how it is viewed in the mind of the marketplace – market perception. Market positioning is the attempt to control this perception, especially as it relates to your competition.

As the name infers, a Positioning Statement should “position” the company or product in the mind of its target audience. It should differentiate you or your product from your competition, be benefit-oriented and leave an impactful and lasting emotion.

Unlike a Tagline, which is communicated externally to the marketplace, a Positioning Statement is internal. A Positioning Statement serves as guide for creating a marketing strategy and tactics.

While image and reputation contribute to perception, they cannot control it to the extent that marketing can. Create a distinct and lasting impression on your market with a positioning statement carefully crafted by Custom Direct.

Content Development

Content development. Messaging. Copy writing. Story telling. The process of effectively communicating your message, in any medium, requires an understanding of how to MOVE people to take some form of action.

Features don't excite. Benefits are boring. You must take a step further and translate your features and benefits into a story that resonates with prospects, validates your customers' choices, and your marketing instantly becomes more understandable and more memorable.

Developing engaging content positions you as an expert and thought leader in your field, and inspires confidence in your brand. Good content also drives Internet search engine optimization and inbound marketing leads, and improves your ranking on search engine results.

Telling YOUR story has the potential to engage your buyers by showing them you understand their challenges and information needs. Let Custom Direct tell your marketing story.

Public Relations

In a sense, public relations is storytelling. Our PR services are designed to tell your story, sell your brand and connect you with your target audience. We distinguish your company through earned media, such as print, social media and in-person engagements.

Our PR services include:

  • Research and Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Messaging and Positioning
  • Thought Leadership Promotion
  • Media Material Development
  • Media Outreach and Management
  • Conference and Trade Show Support
  • Social and Digital Media Collaboration


There are many different options for advertising today – print vs. digital, targeted vs. mass media, audio vs. visual, and the list goes on. As with most marketing efforts, advertising has synergistic effects when multiple media are used, and when integrated with other marketing channels.

Advertising can be used to build awareness, enhance an image, evoke emotion, sell a product, and more. When including advertising in your marketing mix, it’s important to understand who you’re trying to reach, the best medium for reaching them, the message you want them to receive and the action you want them to take.

Custom Direct can help you select the best media options and create compelling ads that get your message across to your target audience.

Logo Design

A good logo can leave a positive, lasting impression in the mind of those who see it. So what makes a good logo? It’s a combination of planning, creativity and simplicity, along with the right font, color and graphics, to help communicate your company’s overall brand.

Effective logo design considers the business – it’s products, services, industry, personality, customers, competitors, and more. Our experienced logo designers follow a proven process that includes market research, design concepts, testing, and integration. Just as important, we’ll do a thorough search to make sure it’s unique and doesn’t infringe on existing trademarks.

Packaging Design

Very often, the packaging IS the product. Unless the consumer’s attention is captured and your message is immediately conveyed – you’ll be just another one of 1000’s of items sitting on a shelf.

While your packaging is SELLING the contents, it must also protect and display as well. Packaging structure and design can add value to your product and reinforce your brand’s promise to the consumer.

Custom Direct understands the hierarchy of information relevant to all good design, especially when the design must fit onto a 2×5 inch foil wrapper. Our pros design packaging to help you protect, distribute, showcase and sell your product.


Both text and graphics alone have their weaknesses; text relies on a reader’s continued interest to absorb the content, and graphics are easy to absorb but aren’t effective in communicating detailed concepts. Infographics are a brilliant way of catching your customers’ attention by mixing data, writing and design.

We work with you to understand your business niche and then we create infographics that tell your story – designed to be “share worthy” – in order to make them a successful marketing tool for your company.

Trade Show Marketing

In certain industries, exhibiting at trade shows can be a cost-effective strategy to build brand awareness, showcase a company’s products or services and meet potential customers face-to-face. Exhibiting at trade shows can also be expensive. If done right, however, you can realize an attractive return on your investment that continues well beyond the event.

Custom Direct’s trade show team can help you develop your trade show strategy and related tactics – from selecting the right show and exhibit space location, to in-booth displays, events, literature and giveaways. To maximize trade show exposure, we can develop pre-, during- and post-show marketing and public relations campaigns to bring foot traffic to your booth, generate qualified leads, and convert leads to customers.