Account Services

While “Fresh Thinking” is the first part of the Custom Direct brand promise, “Real-Time Solutions” is where the rubber meets the road. We’re known as “ the people who get things done”. People who deliver on our promises and do so repeatedly.

Our drive to deliver your results ON TIME comes from our background in direct mail catalog marketing. Every ‘drop date’ is sacred. Even one day late can mean thousands of dollars in late or lost revenue. LATE is not an option.

With a team of in-house designers, developers and producers – and a network of resources that understand EXACTLY what we need, and when we need it, we’re able to meet the most challenging deadlines and schedules with ease.

Project Management

Custom Direct began in the mid 1980’s as project managers for the direct selling, direct mail and catalog industries. Hundreds of thousands of pages with a multitude of versions in various languages have been managed and processed by the Custom Direct team – on time and on budget.

From creating a simple brochure to developing a website with an ecommerce solution with hundreds of products – we’re great at managing and delivering integrated print and digital projects.

We employ best practices and the latest project management tools, including Teamwork. The best tool we use, however, is our brain: our experience knowing where a project can go astray and our knowledge of how to keep it on track.

Project management of all types requires discipline, an understanding of what can wrong, and the knowledge required to prevent problems. Our 30+ years of experience in multi-page projects means there will be no surprises. We’ve been “down the road before.” Our team of production managers, ad wranglers, designers, copywriters, prepress specialists, and printing and mailing experts, all know what to expect – and how to deliver.

Asset Management

Keeping track of your company’s marketing assets is an important task that can save money and time. Custom Direct provides asset management utilizing a secure FTP, as well as maintaining these assets with an integrated solution that allows us to produce marketing efforts with efficiency, transparency and brand control.

Strategic Sourcing

Custom Direct’s strategic sourcing services can help you quickly find the resources that meet your needs for pricing, delivery and quality. Whether you need a specialty short run digital book printing or a skilled programmer for a specialized, custom web application, we’ll find the resource and make the referral – and we can even manage the project for you.