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How Summer Can Warm Up Your Marketing

As the weather heats up and the country becomes more active, companies are looking for ways to connect with potential customers.

Here are 5 of our favorite summer marketing opportunities:

1) Capitalize on Better Weather for Higher-Quality Photographs
Some photos can be taken at any time of the year, but the summer sets the stage for wonderful outdoor photos. From showing off your company’s building, to getting more creative backgrounds for shots of products or team photos, the reprieve from the cold weather can add new life to your photography. These new image shots can be used to refresh your company image across all channels, from social media posts, to updated website imagery, or even in a catalog or newsletter.

2) Run Social Media Contests
Even if summer is the time to make the most of outdoor activities, your audience will love a virtual competition! A summer theme for a photo contest, like “Favorite Summer Recipes” or “Battle of the Gardens” could be just the trick to boost engagement from customers and employees alike! Create a hashtag to go along with your company branding, or have employees tag your company in posts, and you’re well on your way to a fun, virtual event all can participate in.

3) Shoot a Product Video
With better weather and many people taking shorter hours, the summer leads to reduced attention spans. Companies have even less of a window to connect with prospective customers. However, using a video to market your product or brand can help drive engagement. A recent survey by Promo shows that 49% of people watch over 5 videos a day and 79% find video ads relevant to them. A video that explains and demonstrates the benefits of your product or service can capture customer’s short attention spans by concentrating on relieving a customer’s pain point.

4) Host Webinars
With many trade shows being cancelled this summer, people are still looking for information from experts. If circumstances prevent sharing expertise on a panel, hosting your own informative webinar is the next best thing! Try using your already existing contacts, as well as social media to promote signing up for your webinar. To get even more exposure, consider advertising on social media. There are a variety of services such as Zoom or GoToWebinar that will assist you in setting up the webinar, signing up attendees, and actually hosting your webinar.

5) Utilize Seasonal Sales
Consumers are accustomed to sales around the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Back to School. Take advantage of summer sale excitement and promote your company's products or services by utilizing the tools already at your fingertips like email marketing, social media posts, and even your website.

With the warmer weather comes so many fun opportunities to heat up your marketing efforts and engage with customers. Need help determining which makes the most sense for your business? Contact us!