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CDI Creativity at Work: Geoff Bevington Honors Frida Kahlo

As an artist, Geoff Bevington has completed over 100 murals, but his latest endeavor hits close to home - literally. Partnering with the Village of Glen Ellyn, the College of DuPage and the McAninch Arts Center, Geoff has created an incredible mural honoring Frida Kahlo in Downtown Glen Ellyn, blocks from his home.

In anticipation of the “Frida Kahlo 2021” exhibit (hosted by the Cleve Carney Museum of Art and the MAC), Geoff was inspired to create the mural in homage to Frida, her legacy, and her proud heritage. As a second-generation Mexican American, Geoff’s connection to Frida’s story and culture flows through his paintbrush - or spray can, in this case.

The mural, spanning 28 feet across and 17 feet tall, depicts traditional Frida elements in vibrant color - poppies, gardenias, marigolds, and butterflies. Most notably, the mural pictures Frida herself, her unmistakable eyes staring out across the Metra rail line - which will bring thousands of visitors to her exhibit next September.