click-through rates
Click-through Rates
September 2, 2013
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Cost Per Action (CPA)
September 9, 2013

Direct Mail; Still Necessary?

direct mail

Is direct mail still relevant?  This question has been plaguing marketers since the Internet has begun its progressive takeover of marketing.  Direct mail is the good old fashion method of sending out unsolicited promotions through the post.  So does this nearly obsolete method of snail mail work?  The answer is a resounding yes, when executed properly.  Direct mail is still extremely inexpensive, especially compared to other popular forms of advertising today. In fact, a study by USPS Household Diary completed in 2011 indicates that 78% of households read or scan direct mail.   This demonstrates the continuous power of direct mail. People still like tangible things; digital marketing is wonderful, but it has yet to replace the power of a properly worded letter.