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Why do cab drivers make good content marketers? 

They can really drive in traffic. 

In addition to starting with bad jokes, another surefire way to engage your target audience and drive traffic to your website is through your company's LinkedIn posts. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to successful content development, every piece of impactful content should include these 3 R's (your social media content "must-haves): READABLE, RELEVANT, and REPEATABLE.

Laura weighed in on the 3 R's and has key tips to ensure your content is driving traffic to your website – the ultimate goal of social media.



On average, 2 million posts, articles, and videos are published on LinkedIn every day, and every single one of them is trying to catch the eye of a LinkedIn user. Social media users have the upper hand in choosing which posts they do or don't consume, so it's your job to convince them yours has value. 

Long-winded, hard-to-follow posts will leave your readers uninterested and looking for something better to spend their time on. If you're having doubts about your content, try reading it out loud before hitting "publish." This can help you catch any confusing wording – or "word vomit" – and is also a great way to double check for any typos. 



Posting on LinkedIn from a personal account gives you endless creative freedom, but when posting on your company page, it's essential to be mindful of who you're writing to. Catering to your audience's interests and positioning your company as a resource to them will foster relationships and establish brand credibility. Be sure to keep your audience well-informed by showcasing topical industry happenings and subject matter expertise. 

If your company offers solutions to more than one audience, your content should, too. Avoid writing broad, overarching content in an effort to target all of your prospects at the same time. Different audiences won't find the same posts engaging and informative. Target each audience individually with specific, focused content. 



Although the third and final "R," don't be mistaken: creating repeatable content should be #1 on your radar. 

Two determining factors of whether or not your content is repeatable are timelessness and shareability. Your content should be thought-provoking enough to make your audience want to share it with their network. Moreover, it should be timeless enough that anyone can come across it at any time, and the material is still accurate and applicable. 

Before you sit down to draft next week's post, ask yourself these two questions: 

  1. What will people want to share?
  2. Will this content still be relevant next month? Next year? 


Need Help Getting Started?

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Laura Hill is a Content Marketing Coordinator at Custom Direct, Inc.

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