August 29, 2013
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Direct Mail; Still Necessary?
September 5, 2013

Click-through Rates

click-through rates

CTR stands for Click-through rates, and are yet another way to measure search engine optimization.  CTR indicates a ratio for the number of clicks an advertisement receives.  The ratio indicates how many people click on a certain advertisement in relation to how many people view it. The total amount of people who see your ad (this doesn’t mean they click on it), are referred to as the ‘total ad impressions.’ For example, if there are 100 total impressions, and a total of 5 viewers actually click on the advertisement, than the CTR of that advertisement is 5/100, or 5%.

Typically it is better to have a higher CTR rate, because a higher CTR indicates more interest in the advertisement.  Start your click-through-rate and connect with us!