Why B2B Marketers shouldn’t ditch their Print Catalogs
Why B2B Marketers Shouldn’t Ditch Their Print Catalogs
December 3, 2019
Manage your social media with a content calendar
Help Manage Your Social Media with a Content Calendar
April 8, 2020

Catalog Design 101

A Good Place To Start

Is your catalog a successful sales and marketing tool? Are you creating recognizable brand awareness? If you are considering creating a catalog or want to make sure you have catalog best practices in place, consider these simple tips…

1. Your overall design should represent the content:

Use elements, fonts and colors fitting of your industry. Know your audience and what appeals to them.

2. Don’t mix type faces:

Keep the fonts clean and on brand. Over-designing causes the page to appear busy and disrupts the shopping experience. Remember, less is more!

3. Photography is everything:

Your photography must capture the product details and key selling points. Let your audience understand your full capabilities immediatley through your product photography. Don’t skimp on pretty pictures!

4. Put emphasis on NEW products:

Be strategic. Send catalogs throughout the year, giving yourself an opportunity to introduce new and updated products.

5. Be consistent with your brand:

Your catalog and other marketing communication pieces, both print and digital, should have a cohesive look. Use the same logo, colors and design elements for maximum brand recognition.

6. Use stopper spreads to break up the monotony:

Some catalogs are very monotonous from page to page (parts catalogs are great examples). Break things up with a spread about the company to reinforce your brand. Try showcasing a NEW product or elaborate on a process that makes your product superior.

7. Use white space to your advantage:

Engage your audience, don't over stimulate them. The use of white space acts as visual relief and helps the product on the page POP!

8. Use compelling product descriptions:

Don’t be afraid to oversell.

9. Use CTAs:

Make ordering and obtaining additional information as easy as possible. Don’t hide your contact information (phone, email and web address).

Catalogs are complex multipage documents and knowing where to start may feel daunting. By utilizing our nine tips, you have a solid foundation for creating a successful catalog!