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Content Development: Rust-Oleum Corporation
April 4, 2020

CONTENT DEVELOPMENT: Create consistent, multi-media messaging campaigns.


Discover Network

As one of the largest credit card and financial services companies in the world, Discover Network serves the evolving needs of more than 44 million cardholders. With the combined resources of Discover, Diners Club International and Pulse, the Discover Network provides financial services to companies worldwide.


Increasing Discover Network’s Merchant Acceptance

Discover Network’s Merchant Acquisition and Retention division was charged with growing the acceptance of the Discover Card with merchants worldwide.


Supporting the External Sales Agents

External Sales Agents needed the Discover Network’s assistance in getting more merchants to accept Discover Network cards. External sales teams lacked the proper resources to promote all the merchant benefits of Discover and needed to be informed of all the resources and materials they had access to as well.


Developing a Multi-Media Plan

Discover Network needed an entire multi-media marketing campaign with consistent designs and brand messaging. The campaign would provide critical marketing assistance to the global sales agents, as well as increase Discover Network’s brand recognition worldwide.


Promoting the Discover Network’s Resource Website

Custom Direct, Inc. developed an integrated, multi-media campaign to promote the launch of the new resource website for Discover Network’s global sales agents. The campaign was designed to create awareness of the site’s benefits across multiple touch points - within the sales representative’s community, and Discover Network’s inbound call centers. CDI developed a marketing incentive plan to help identify, and address, specific industries’ pain points.



Resource Website and Marketing Materials

Following implementation of the marketing campaign, website traffic and utilization of the associated marketing material increased dramatically. Additionally, Discover Network’s global agents had the marketing resources to target worldwide industries to increase merchant acceptance. Today, Discover is accepted at over 99% of merchants worldwide.