Case Study

Packaging Design + Social Media


Donkey Brands, the creators of Donkey Chips and Salsa, needed us to create coherent and unique branding across marketing and packaging that showcased their unique attributes of the cartoon donkey and name.


Donkey Brands wanted branding and packaging consistent with their product, authentic and high quality but simple. As a small start up, with only two initial products (Salted and Unsalted), Donkey Brands needed help expanding their brand and growing their Chicago market. In addition, Donkey Brands needed to expand their social media presence. As a small company, Donkey Brands needed to be sure their marketing dollars were defined by ROI.


Focusing on expanding brand awareness of the cartoon donkey and unique name, we created a more effective design hierarchy:

- Better use of color to communicate flavors. - Better shelf/brand recognition – larger donkey head. - Maintain and build on the ‘clear bag’ concept to showcase product and stand out from the competition.

While effective package design was the most important aspect, we were able to re-engineer the print the process for multiple flavor chip bags by creating a color scheme using the same Flexo plates on multiple designs, saving thousands in plate costs.

Extending the branding from the packaging to social media, we developed twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages and content revolving around the playful donkey mascots and cultivating recipes utilizing or complimenting Donkey Brands products.

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