Case Study

Catalog Design


Rust-Oleum Corporation, a subsidiary of RPM International, Inc. is a worldwide leader in protective paints and coatings for both home and industry. Their expansive products range from decorative fashion paints to the famous rustfighting formula that started the company. Due to product development and the acquisition of firms with complementary product lines, under well-known, established brands including Varthane®, Watco®, Wolman® and Zinsser®, Rust-Oleum was experiencing substantial growth.


Previously, Rust-Oleum marketed their product lines around the different sub-brands [decorative, auto, etc.]. The addition of new lines, created a need to unify products under the Rust-Oleum brand. The sales literature used to market the new lines to the retail trade was confusing and lacked focus on application, brand, or end-us.


In conjunction with Rust-Oleum’s marketing team, we shifted the product line catalogs from a ‘brand-oriented approach’ to a new product’s end-use focus. We created all new catalogs and sales literature focused on the surface or finish need [e.g. What do you need to paint or cover?] as opposed to the previous method of selling the brand first. The entire marketing direction now takes a more customer-centric approach, which has been well received by the sales team, retail trade, and end-users alike.

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